Escape to what has been named a truly magical destination.,  Most people call it Sumpter Stockade Motel.A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax and become one with nature.


the Sumpter Stockade Motel is the perfect retreat for plant enthusiasts, animal lovers, bird watchers, and entomologists. At times, hundreds of grazing elk can be viewed. While resident chipmunks look on, deer with their fawns wander into the Stockade to munch at our grassy area. We host a number of local and migratory birds, including geese, swallows, robins, osprey, hawks, magpies and many others. Sumpter Stockade is a way to visit some of the glory of Eastern Oregon during the mid 1800's - with the comforts of our modern world including WIFI and satellite TV.

about Sumpter Stockade